About Us

    Fire alarm systems are the first line of defense against a potentially dangerous situation. A properly maintained alarm system will protect lives and property. As an owner or property manager, you want to rest well at night knowing that your properties and tenants are safe.


    At Bell Fire & Life Safety Inc., we care about our customers and want to make sure they are taken care of. We've been servicing fire alarm systems throughout the Bay Area for over 18 years, and have a vast knowledge in ALL fire alarm systems, no matter how old they are. 


    We service apartment buildings, condos, high rises, schools, office parks, assisted living facilities etc. 


    Bell Fire & Life Safety can perform quarterly, semi-annual or annual inspections and provide 24 hr monitoring. Our service hours are 24/7/365, so you can trust that when you need us, we'll be here to help.




Reliable, fast,  friendly service

Competitive rates

                Phone (650) 580-5306  
               Email bellfire365@gmail.com